Q- Am I able to split up accounts among family?

A-In regards to sessions, we can do that manually for you if you already have an open package.  At time of renewal, you will need to log into each child’s account and select one of the split family packages. Example, “Sport-Specific Training Family Split 20 sessions”,  will only charge you for 1 package of 10 sessions at the 20 session rate. This is per child, so you need to sign in to each account and select the accurate package. 

Q- Why do I need to sign into two accounts? 

A- In order for us to track individual sessions, progress, ailments, and specific goals, each athlete needs their own account. 

Q-Do the parents need an account along with the kid(s)

A-Yes, In order for us to send emails, alerts and invoices to the parent, we need a parent’s account created. 

Q- I plan to renew my sessions, can I do that now and have you move over what I have left in my old package?

A-Yes, just follow the steps to purchase a new package and our OM will move over the additional sessions.

Q- I am being asked to pay up front, can I pay by check instead or card?

A-If you are paying in person, we can take cash, check or card. Payment is required at the time of booking. 

Q-Do I need to keep my credit card on file?

A- No, only if you plan to renew at the end of your session package or if you have a monthly membership.