The Concept of Obstacles

In a recent conversation, I had with an old colleague of mine (whom I consider to be one of my mentors) the topic of roadblocks and obstacles came up. I asked him how he dealt with these kinds of impediments during his career (he is an extremely accomplished football coach), and how he continues to handle them as they come up. He responded by saying that as long as you keep a steady eye on your goals and where you want to go, obstacles don’t matter. In fact, obstacles don’t even exist.

As athletes, we will ALWAYS come across these opportunities. They show themselves when injuries arise when difficulties occur in school or our social lives if we don’t perform the way we expect to, if we get beat out by a teammate and don’t play as much as we feel we should, etc.

When these things happen we must remember to stay focused on our long-term vision and do whatever we need to do in order to get back on the path. Athletes lose (and sometimes never bounce back) when they become too distracted by these opportunities and cannot see beyond them.

No matter what experiences happen during our lives bear in mind that ALL of them are positive. They are only opportunities that we can learn from and use to become better athletes and better people.

“Obstacles are really just opportunities to learn and get stronger while traveling on the journey toward your goals.”- DJ

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