Recent Client Reviews

"Every time I step inside Max I am greeted with a smile and a workout that is designed specifically for me and pushes me to my limits. Very knowledgeable and approachable staff that takes age, sport, injury history and genetics into consideration. Amazing customer service and professionalism."
Jesse Wheelock
"Daniel Jahn and Max SC are the best at what they do. I trained with DJ during my professional baseball career in the off-season and there is no one that I trust more to get the results I was looking for. I have trained with many strength and conditioning coaches throughout professional baseball and around the country, and I have not come across another strength coach that is as knowledgeable, dedicated, safe, motivational or professional as DJ. Now that I have transitioned into coaching baseball, DJ and his staff are the first people I recommend my players to go train with to get the results they want!"
Working out at Maximum Sports Conditioning was an excellent place to prepare me for my professional season overseas. Whether your aim is to prepare for an athletic season, to build speed and strength, or simply to improve your physical condition, Maximum Sports is a perfect environment to achieve your goals.
I started training with DJ right before I left for University 4 years ago. My little sister Ally had been training with him for about 6months at that point and was seeing drastic improvements in her movement, so I decided to join her. However, since I was at university across the country I could only train sporadically with DJ. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania I decided I wanted to take my squash game to a new level and turn professional. I once again enlisted the help of DJ in order to improve my speed, strength and movement. After 4 weeks of training with DJ this summer I went to the World University games in Australia to represent the USA in squash. While there I had to play the Intercollegiate Champion whom had not lost a match all year, as well as beat me twice during the year. This time the results were different. I beat the Champion in 4 games (squash is best of 5) and helped the USA team (with the win over the intercollegiate champion) to come in third place after a 2-1 win over Canada. I attribute my win to the hard work I have done with DJ, I was out moving and hitting her, which was something I was not able to do during the year. After every training session with DJ I see the results on the squash court, I am eager to see how far I can reach and I am sure with the help of DJ and Maximum Sports Conditioning I will be able to achieve any goal I wish.
"I wanted to come back to the Seattle area from the Olympic training Center because I knew that my path to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games would need this integral part of my training. Maximum sports and conditioning has that level of commitment. You come here, and the best of you comes out. What is demanded of you here brings you up to a level that even you didn't know you could reach. This is where the people are honest, knowledgeable, and the atmosphere is laden with the desire to work hard and see improvement. Dedication and commitment to wellness are palpable as soon as you walk in."
Jeremy Taiwo
"This gym is a life saver! DJ and others go beyond all description in leading and facilitating the BEST in everyone who comes in with fitness needs. The work outs are the best. AND the joy enthusiasm and strength life lessons are just thrown in on top of it all! Anyone who is serious about being healthy in a beautiful way owes themselves time at this gym!!!! Oh And the music is killer"
Ann Horton
"I would highly recommend any volleyball player interested in playing in college workout with Maximum Sports Conditioning. Their ability to develop the total game of a young volleyball player is outstanding"
"Great coaching staff here, very scientific and innovative!"
Dale Connavan
"My kids have been training at Max Sports for three years now. They have gained strength and speed while having a good time working with their trainer Sachin who has been great."
Sharkabrah Productions