F.A.S.T Class (women only)

The Female Athletic Strength Training Program *F.A.S.T. is an athletic, nutritional and educational development program which is designed to enhance every aspect of strength, fitness, and conditioning level. It is focused on increasing total body strength, core strength, endurance, energy levels, physique, and overall well-being.

Joint Stability  and Mobility

  1. Posterior chain and hamstring development
  2. Core strength / Endurance
  3. Muscular definition
  4. Knee, ankle and back stability

Performance Nutrition

  1. Eating to supplement strength gains
  2. Continued Nutritional Counseling
  3. Nutrient timing
  4. Grocery shopping lists
  5. Truths and myths about supplementation
  6. How to eat consistently on weekends
  7. Vitamins, Minerals and Detoxification

Athletic Education

  1. Basic information provided about biomechanics and kinesiology
  2. Basic understanding of resistance Training and functional strength