Golf Training Philosophy

Maximum’s philosophy on training golfers stems from the sport-specific actions they need to sharpen and the physical tools that college coaches use to judge their ability and potential. 

These are:

  • Ability to maintain stroke mechanics and technique
  • Ability to produce rotational power and torque
  • Ability to rotate & pivot
  • Ability to separate of upper and lower body
  • Ability to control the pelvis
  • Motor function and firing pattern repeatability
  • Ability to stay over the ball

Based on these skills, Golfers must develop intra-abdominal core strength, mobility of the thoracic erectors and gluteal-hip complex (to support and stabilize the lumbar spine, sacroiliac joints, and facet joints), rotary speed (to create torque through the separation of hips and hands to generate head speed), balance and stability (to maintain control of the body while rapidly transferring weight), posterior chain strength and power (to develop strength through glutes, hips, and legs).