Becoming an Elite Soccer Player- Part Two-Strength Training

When strength training, soccer players need to be consistent and smart.

When strength training, soccer players need to be consistent and smart.  They need to train movements, not muscles.  They need to train the elements that will enhance their ability on the soccer field.  Too often, young athletes engage in activities that are counterproductive or meaningless because they don’t transfer to their specific sport (refer to MaxSC’s philosophy on training soccer players).  Athletes should also remember to take their workouts as seriously as they take a game. 

-If you want to get faster, get STRONGER!!  There is a direct correlation between strength/power and speed.

Get in good cardiovascular shape.  An increase in aerobic power and lung capacity can aid in developing maximum speed.

Remember to relax while running.  The tighter your muscles are, the slower they move.

There are no shortcuts.  Getting faster is a slow process.  The only thing that will make you improve is to take all the steps that are necessary.

The physical element to being a successful soccer player is very important.  Along with the physical element comes the mental element.  If you are an athlete who isn’t a ‘blue-chipper’ (which is 99.9% of us), it’s going to take a LOT of hard work, commitment, and perseverance.  There will be times when you feel frustrated, exhausted, beat up, unmotivated, and maybe ready to give up.  These are very natural feelings for athletes of all backgrounds.  When you seek perfection at performing anything, the process will be very long and tiresome.  This is unavoidable.  The choice you do have is to maintain your goals, desire, and unwillingness to quit, in your pursuit of greatness. d

There are eight things you can do to assist in this process:

  1. Write your goals down, and put them somewhere in plain view for you and others to see.
  2. Write down the steps necessary to achieve those goals.
  3. Write down a deadline to have those goals completed.
  4. Seek out those who inspire you, motivate you, and will hold you accountable for achieving those goals.
  5. Eliminate the option to ‘quit’ anything that you start (especially when training). Once you begin, you MUST finish.
  6. Don’t talk about how you ‘feel’. How you feel is usually not important when working towards achieving goals. Feelings are also insignificant in the outcome of games. Whether you ‘feel’ great or not, you still have to win.
  7. Never accept failure (your own or your teammates’) without giving every ounce of effort you have.
  8. You must always see yourself as a GREAT athlete. You are not average. You will never be average. You only do and say things that are consistent with the things that professional soccer players say and do.